Provide engineering valve combination solutions


Innovation is the key to quality leadership

In order to realize the innovation strategy of "replacing the country with the country", actively develop high-quality, high-end and special innovative products, in order to speed up innovation and research, the technical department of the company has actively carried out various technical cooperation with many domestic universities and major scientific research institutes, and set up a doctoral and graduate practice base in the company. At present, a new one has been formed. A complete set of innovative technology system for product development, prototype testing, whole machine production and quality control.

Well developed bellows valve

Has won a number of patents

Since 1990, we have been supporting various boiler valves for several large domestic boiler plants, and have been guided by domestic valve experts (who have participated in the formulation of national valve standards and valve design manual). We have established good cooperative relations with many large and medium-sized courts, and actively explored the characteristics of boiler valves. It is our goal to replace imports with domestic ones. Tenor

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