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Whoever saw the development trend of the pump valve industry will grasp the pulse of the market.

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What is the future direction of the pump valve industry?

In the last two years, China's manufacturing industry has made a lot of gratifying achievements under the background of global industry 4.0. The rise and practice of the concept of Internet of Things have made the concept of intelligence more useful and more challenges.
As a traditional industry, the pump and valve industry, like many other manufacturing industries in China, is also facing the problem of transformation. We must constantly innovate and keep pace with the times. Many pump and valve enterprises in China have achieved innovation to meet customer needs, found the pain point of customer needs, and thus enhance the competitiveness of the entire company.
In addition, with the continuous development of central city construction, "sponge city" also needs more attention from pump and valve colleagues. Along the way, the government advocates a policy of financial services for the entity, which is of great benefit to the manufacturing industry, including the entire pump and valve industry. But at the same time, it needs to be hardened, and enterprises need to make continuous efforts to become the tide makers in this trend. Therefore, for the pump valve industry, the simpler and more integrated innovative solutions is the future direction of development.
How to maintain product competitiveness in pump and valve industry?
At present, no matter which industry, is gradually docking "intellectualization". "Intelligent" will be integrated into all aspects of social production and life, "intelligent" products because of convenient, efficient, energy-saving features will continue to be promoted, bringing many conveniences for enterprises and life.
In 2017, the overall technological innovation of China's pump and valve industry is still in a sluggish period under the influence of the market. Most of them are inclined to the technological transformation of market warming, and there is no breakthrough in product upgrading. From the current market situation to infer that the focus of technological innovation will continue to be product raw materials, environmental protection and energy-saving product research and development. As the price of steel goes up, the cost of products also needs to be studied.
With the development of global economic integration, market demand for product quality will be further enhanced. On the stage of the global economy, the competitiveness of products will face greater challenges, each with its own characteristics can be unique, who has withstood the challenges, who will grasp the pulse of the market, who will go further.
From May 31 to June 2, 2018, Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center will hold the 7th FLOWTECH CHINA Shanghai International Pump and Pipe Valve Exhibition. As the largest and most professional general pump and valve pipeline exhibition in China, there are a large number of exhibitors, all kinds of new products, new technologies will also be exhibited at the exhibition, pump and valve industry to such a scale of exhibition, will be able to present some clues of the industry development trend. (source: Network)

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