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Ball valve

A ball valve is a valve driven by a stem and rotated around the axis of the ball valve. It can also be used for fluid regulation and control. Hard-sealed V-type ball valve has strong shear force between V-type ball core and metal seat of hardfacing carbide, especially for medium containing fibers and micro-solid particles.


Cast steel / stainless steel ball valves

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American Standard eccentric hemisphere valve

Eccentric hemispherical valve is a relatively new type of ball valve, it has its own unique structure of some advantages, such as non-friction switch, sealing is not easy to wear, opening and closing torque is small. This reduces the specification of the actuator. With multi turn electric actuator, the medium can be adjusted and tightly cut. Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, urban water supply and drainage, and so on.

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V regulating ball valve

The V type regulating ball valve has a shearing effect on the valve seat due to its V type structure. Especially suitable for pulping, papermaking process in the pulp, white water, black liquor, white liquor and other suspended particles of fluid and thick, turbid slurry fluid medium automatic regulation.

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Electric stainless steel ball valve

The electric ball valve is an important executive organ in the industrial automation control system. The electric ball valve is a valve which rotates around the axis of the stem according to the moving form of the disc. The change of valve seat opening is proportional to the valve stroke. Mainly used to cut off or connect the medium in the pipeline, also can be used for fluid regulation and control, is a kind of pipeline pressure element in industrial automation process control.

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Pneumatic valve

Pneumatic ball valve is a ball valve with pneumatic actuator, pneumatic actuator implementation speed is relatively fast, the fastest switching speed of 0.05 seconds per second, so usually also called pneumatic quick shutoff ball valve. Pneumatic ball valves are usually equipped with various accessories, such as solenoid valves, air source treatment triple, limit switches, positioners, control boxes, etc., to achieve on-site control and remote centralized control, in the control room can control the valve on and off, do not need to run to the scene or high altitude and dangerous areas to control manually, to a large extent. It saves human resources, time and safety.

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