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Globe valve

Globe valve, also known as shutoff valve, belongs to forced sealing valve, so when the valve closes, pressure must be exerted on the disc to force the sealing surface not to leak.


Globe valve

Globe valves, also known as cut-off doors, are one of the most widely used valves. They are popular because of the small friction between the sealing surfaces during opening and closing, durable, small opening height, easy manufacturing, easy maintenance, not only for low and medium pressure, but also for high pressure. The closing principle of the globe valve is to make the disc sealing surface close to the seat sealing surface by relying on the pressure of the valve bar to prevent the flow of medium. China's valve "three to" has stipulated that the flow direction of globe valves, all use top-down, so the installation of directional. The structure length of the globe valve is longer than the gate valve, and the fluid resistance is large. The sealing reliability is not strong when the globe valve is running for a long time.

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Bevel gear stop valve

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High pressure globe valve

The opening and closing parts of the high pressure globe valve are plug-shaped discs, the sealing surface is plane or conical, and the disc moves in a straight line along the center line of the fluid. The movement of the valve stem, there are lifting rod type (stem lifting, hand wheel does not rise and fall), there are also lifting rotating rod type (hand wheel and stem together with rotating lifting, nut set on the valve body). The globe valve is only suitable for full opening and full closing, and no adjustment and throttling are allowed.

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GB cast steel globe valve

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GB stainless steel stop valve

Stainless steel globe valve is a kind of globe valve, the material requirements for the valve body are generally high, such as 301.304.316 and other materials are widely used in chemical, shipping, pharmaceutical, food machinery and other industries. Stainless steel globe valves are divided into manual stainless steel globe valves, pneumatic stainless steel globe valves, electric stainless steel globe valves.

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